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I’ve been a collector most of my life–of paper. I got in the habit of keeping notes, receipts and assorted documents in (mostly) tidy file folders in strong metal filing cabinets when I first started my business.

Those cabinets have moved with me everywhere. And when there was a trademark issue, I was able to pull out those waiting files and count the paid invoices to determine how many software packages I had sold in the UK ten years earlier.

But even I have reached the limit of the amount of paper I want to keep. Some of it I can recycle. Some of it needs to be scanned and then shredded. Like many small businesses, I invested a few years ago in a scanner/printer/copier with a sheet feeder. It works well but takes up a lot of space in my office.  It doesn’t do Optical Character Reading (OCR.) That requires a different piece of software.

Then, I discovered this video on YouTube that has the perfect solution for saving documents, performing OCR and easily searching documents.

It’s a Windows Surface and One Note. Just snap a picture of a document and the app converts the text and makes it searchable. Instant filing!

Watch this video to see what I mean:

Can you see ways to streamline your business, too?